Reiki Healing  

Reiki is a generic Japanese compound word which has the general case meaning of "healing". Rei means "Universal" or "Spiritual", and Ki is "Life Force Energy". Most westerners take Reiki to mean "Universal Life Force Energy". However, whilst it is this energy that is used during Reiki Healing, the actual methodology employed is known as the Usui Natural Healing System (sometimes written as Usui Shiki Ryoho) from the name of the individual who developed the healing system that uses Reiki energy. 

In a Reiki Healing session, the practitioner places his or her hands onto the patients body at a number of strategic points. The patient almost always feels the energy begin to flow into them, either as a heat, a coldness, or a strange "flow" through their body, often in places remote from the point at which the practitioner has their hands. Reiki is said to "know" where it is needed, and flows to the point where it can do most good.

Reiki can help all manner of ailments, both physical and mental, but its most profound effect is an almost immediate feeling of relaxation

Reiki practitioners are said to be "attuned" to the Reiki energy, and develop their abilities in conformance with Usui's original system. The development of a practitioner is graded into three degrees.

Reiki healing is suitable for any age, along with pets and even plants! There are many cases on record of almost miraculous cures with this ancient healing system, which conventional medicine has failed to even touch

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