Crystal Meditation

Any healing stone or crystal can be used as a meditation partner. It may be held or worn during meditation in order for you to absorb its specific properties.

Crystals or stones also may be placed within visual range to be used for mental focusing. Thus, they serve as symbolic concentration objects.

They may be placed upon the heart chakra for emotional balance, or to the brow for mental clarity. You may find a crystal that specifically communicates that its purpose is to deepen and strengthen your meditations. Or, you may want to experiment with the various ways different stones affect your meditations. 

Clear quartz is one of the crystals that is used to stimulate the crown chakra (the highest energy in the body, located at the top of the head).


 By lying face-up and placing the terminated point of a clear quartz crystal (the apex where the facets have naturally grown together to form a peak) at the top of the head, the higher consciousness centres are vibrated and a state of greater awareness is achieved.

During this meditation there would be an added result if an amethyst crystal were placed at the brow to still the mind, and citrine at the
navel to ground the experience into physical reality.

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