Crystal Healing - Ailments & Conditions

Do stones, crystals and gems aid us? The immediate answer is 'Yes, definitely'. They aid our understanding of situations, they raise our vibrations, they soothe and bring feelings of peace, they bring a sense of joy to our life and much more.

The reverence for stones, crystals and gems goes far back in humankind's history, necklaces, amulets and other adornments being found in burial sites as long ago as 25,000BC. Jewelery and goldwork of superb workmanship were found in the tomb of Queen Pu-Abi at Ur (west of the Euphrates) dated around 5,000 years ago. Psychics tell us that the Lemurians, Atlantians and Egyptians attributed great value to gems and stones, both for their ornamental and occult qualities.

Mystics have classified the benefits of stones for differing problems over many centuries, offering them as healing tools. The ancient Vedic texts (in Sanskrit) have many stories of how the various stones were created. Also how and when to use gems and stones for protection, guidance and healing.

Today we are all using stones/gems either unconsciously or consciously. We all like to wear beautiful stones in jewelry; it makes us feel good wearing their beautiful colours and shapes. The stones' vibrations are able to work with us both physically and spiritually. Whether we are aware of this or not is immaterial.

Our entire material world is composed of atomic forces of matter as are our bodies, plus we have a spiritual body. Being created from the same material, we and stones have compatible vibrations. A stone's vibratory nature is determined by the minerals and elements it is composed of being arranged in a particular format. Thus there is a sympathetic vibration available between stones and us. When we and a stone are in accord, the extra vibrations of the stone increase our body's sensitivities, guiding us to consciously or unconsciously find answers to problems, to see our path more clearly, to make choices that benefit us and aid our healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Specific Crystals

Quartz crystals are a good starting point for the beginner. There are several types and colours of quartz. All have the basic qualities of Clear Quartz, then added qualities due to the differing minerals that give them their colour vibrations. Quartz is very stable and has a structure close to that of our DNA. Our modern technology is based upon quartz (silicon) because of this stability and its ability to amplify energies.


Clear Quartz contains piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which support amplification, focusing, storing, transfer and transformation of energy. It amplifies our body's energies and our thoughts; provides clarity to our thinking; harmonises and aligns our subtle bodies' energies; aligns the chakra system, thus leading to our healing occurring. 

Rose Quartz, the ray of love, the cornerstone of the heart. It is good for everyone from conception to transition. It heals, calms and helps us to learn gentleness and compassion for self and others.

Amethyst Quartz is widely loved for its colour which can be pale lavender to deep, deep purple. A stone of protection and spirituality, it transmutes low level energies to a higher, more spiritual level. It aids us with meditation, connects us with our own inner wisdom and helps us to work with our guides and ascended masters. Used for many centuries to bring feelings of hope, trust, truth and dignity to the user, it is often called 'the healer's stone.'

Sodalite, a silicate, is usually deep blue with creamy veins, however, it does appear in other colours occasionally. It is a wonderful stone for guarding against pollution on any level of our being, and protects against low level radiation, for example computers. At the Third Eye, it gently opens us to our natural psychic abilities. It eliminates confusion and aids logical thinking. At the throat, it encourages us to speak our truth and to release fear. It aids the thymus to release the judgmental energies placed there, and it strengthens the immune system.

Calcite, or calcium carbonate, comes in many colours, hues and shapes. A stone of change, it supports us, enabling us to view our behaviour patterns and objectively decide if they aid or hinder us. It encourages us while we remove old, troublesome patterns to place in new patterns that serve us. Soothing and invigorating, its vibration teaches us that change is both possible and desirable on any level of our Being. It is a powerful friend in these transient times.

There are literally thousands of types of stones, and they all work beneficially for us. We will be drawn to one for perhaps many days, even months, and then towards another, that shows our progress in healing ourselves and our growth spiritually.

When you allow one stone into your life it will usually be quickly followed by several more friends. They are a joy to live with and to work with.

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