Curative Properties of Colour

RED (BRIGHT RED) - Warm and stimulating. Use in anaemia, or whenever you are feeling cold and pale, with chilled extremities; also useful for ultraviolet and X-ray burns and frostbite; red is a liver stimulant and counter-irritant (to bring internal inflammations to the surface). Nutrients: vitamin B12, acidity.

ORANGE - A respiratory stimulant; useful for weak lungs, asthma, consumption, emphysema; also for overweight and under-active people with an under-active thyroid (energises thyroid, sedates parathyroid). Orange relieves spasms and cramps; increases milk secretion; corrects rickets and soft bones, osteoporosis; stimulates stomach and digestion, and relieves flatulence and distension; also stimulates the bladder, kidneys, liver and pancreas, try with epilepsy. It is valuable for chronic kidney disease and gallstones; arthritis, gout and rheumatism during non-painful periods. Minerals: boron, calcium, copper, selenium, silicon.

YELLOW - The most luminous colour. A strong stimulant and energiser for muscles and nerves: use in all cases of paralysis and muscle disorders, for nerve building, and in nervous exhaustion. Yellow energises the alimentary tract and stimulates digestion, flow of bile, gastric juices, pancreas activity, lymphatic system, heart, eyes and ears. It generally activates all bodily functions except those of the spleen, which is sedated; use for indigestion, constipation, diabetes, depression, for skin cleansing and to destroy intestinal worms. Minerals: magnesium, molybdenum, sodium.

LEMON (YELLOW-GREEN) - Stimulates brain activity and activates the thymus. It is a mild laxative and expectorant (expels mucus): use in respiratory problems involving phlegm, asthma, coughs. Lemon is useful for dry, scaly skin disorders and bone building. It neutralises overacidity, and is indicated for chronic disorders in general, including cancer (systemic), diabetes and dwarfism. Minerals: gold, iodine, iron, phosphorus, silver, sulphur.

GREEN - Stimulates pituitary gland, encourages muscle and tissue building, and breaks up hardened cell masses and clots. It is anti-congestive, germicidal, disinfectant, purifying: use for heart problems, ulcers, cancer, wound healing, skin improvement, burn pains, glaucoma, headaches, neuralgia. Elements: chlorine, nitrogen.

TURQUOISE (BLUE-GREEN) - Normalising for acute disorders. It is calming, and therefore useful for headaches, for soothing inflammations, sunburn and itching. It improves, rebuilds and tones the skin: use for moist- or weeping-skin disorders. It is also valuable for acute childhood diseases and infections, acute venereal diseases, and hyperactivity. Minerals: chromium, zinc.

BLUE - Cooling, strongly anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, stops bleeding; reduces fever, pain. Use to treat all conditions marked by redness, swelling and heat, and acute phases of arthritis, gout and rheumatism. Blue is relaxing and calming, slows the pulse, can reduce high blood pressure, and is valuable for underweight and overactive people. Use to treat itching, irritation, irritability, insomnia, throbbing headaches, speedy brain; sore throat, loss of voice, burns, bruises; diarrhoea, dysentery, colitis, neuralgia, sciatica, earache, biliousness and jaundice. Also good for treating tumour areas and red or infected skin disorders. Element: oxygen.

INDIGO (BLUE-VIOLET) - Sedative, pain relieving, arrests discharges and bleeding, astringent. Use for piles and varicose veins. Indigo improves the immune system during infections: use to irradiate swollen lymph glands; in whooping cough with fever and other acute lung disorders; for convulsions and nervous irritation. It stimulates the parathyroid and sedates the thyroid; use locally for goitre.

VIOLET - Relaxing and soothing. It also stimulates the spleen and builds white blood cells. Violet sedates heart and muscle activity, and calms hyperactive people. It is useful for overactive kidneys and bladder; bed-wetting; nerve disorders and overactive mental disorders; epilepsy; insomnia. It also suppresses appetite.

PURPLE (BLUE AND RED) - Dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure: slows the pulse as with palpitations (irradiate heart area). Purple lowers body temperature, and is excellent for high fevers; it stimulates the activity of veins; is a good sleep inducer for insomnia; decreases sexual desire and pain; is antimalarial; sedates the kidneys.

MAGENTA (RED AND VIOLET) - Energising; improves and normalises the emotions, the aura and the sexual system. Magenta energises the adrenal glands and the heart muscle, normalises the heart and blood pressure, improves the circulation. It is diuretic; useful for kidney stones; complementary to green. Mineral: potassium.

SCARLET (2 PARTS RED AND I PART VIOLET) - arrows the arteries and raises the blood pressure; energises kidneys (diuretic); use as a sexual stimulant or for frigidity, and for suppressed menstruation. Scarlet accelerates the birth process and expels the placenta         


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