Colour Therepy

Colour has a powerful influence on our body chemistry. The strongest effect is through the eyes, but good results are also achieved by treating the skin areas over certain organs or the spine.

Colour can be used in various ways: as direct coloured light, or indirect light from the colours of walls, curtains and clothes; in foods, and by treating drinking water with coloured lights; by visualising colours with closed eyes; or by visualising that the inhaled breath or directed energy is coloured. For treatment you should be careful to select bright, clear colours; murky colours usually have unpleasant effects.

 Coloured Lights 
Light may be coloured by using coloured light bulbs, by filtering sunlight through coloured glass or cellophane, even by wrapping coloured cloth around a lamp. Drinking water may be treated by exposing it to sunlight in coloured-glass containers or in containers covered with coloured cellophane, or coloured light bulbs may be used. This water is beneficial for drinking, gargling in the case of throat infections, washing wounds or bathing the eyes.

Preferably, stimulating colours should be used in the morning and sedating colours in the evening. If a sequence of coloured lights is used, start with stimulating colours, proceed to blue and finish with green. When treating internal organs, shine the light at close range on to the skin area covering the organ, possibly also on to the spinal reflex area. For general treatment and especially to improve eye conditions, you may look at a brilliant, reflecting surface of the desired colour, exposed to sunlight or a strong electric light. 

To treat specific parts of the body, you may cover them with a single or double layer of cellophane of the desired colour and expose them to mild sunlight or strong electric light. If using sunlight you should be careful not to over-expose as cellophane does not absorb the UV radiation. As a general tonic, you may cover the back with cellophane in the colours of the rainbow: red at the base, orange over the lower back, yellow in the middle, green at the shoulder blades, blue at the neck and violet over the head. These are also the regional chakra energy colours

Green is the general healing colour, representing harmony and balanced body polarities. In disease, there may be over-stimulation, with too much red in the system - fever, inflammation, irritability, skin rash, red eyeballs, pink fingernails; or there may be under-stimulation with too much blue - pale skin, sluggishness, bluish eyeballs, bluish nails. The over-stimulated condition needs blue colour treatment, while the under-stimulated condition requires red or orange.

The following list shows the conditions for which the different colours may be used. You may also use muscle testing or a pendulum for individual colour selection. Different parts of the body may need different colours. If you are in doubt about which area to treat, irradiate 'systemically' - over the whole body. When irradiating the back, lie on one side, not on the stomach. For best effects or professional treatments, use colour slides with a strong projector in a dark room, and irradiate for one hour or longer at a time. 



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