Aura Colours

Auras are the physical manifestation of the electric field surrounding each and every living thing. 

Red - Physical Energy; physically-based person personality or sensuality. Harsh reds tend to indicate emotionally charged physical animation, usually anger. Warm reds, sensuous, or physically charged and healthy.

Orange - Friendly, open, approachable

Yellow - Intellectual, thinking, working faculties

Green - Healthy, balanced, calming, charming, sensuality, sensible or conniving.

Blue - intellect, calm reserved, spiritual, an integrated personality exuding charisma.

Violet - Spiritual, sensitive, focused but not necessarily in reality.

Pink - Physical energy being diffused, hence calming.

Black - Nothing getting out, shielding or hiding. Total absorption. 

Mixed shades - (Like mixed reds) Mixed emotion. Stability should be questioned.   


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