Auras - an Overview 

The human aura is the energy field that surrounds an individual. All matter, i.e. anything with an atomic structure will have have an aura, an energy field that surrounds it. 

The atoms of animate life such as plants, animals and people are more active and vibrant than inanimate matter, making their energy fields easier to feel and observe.   

Some of the various energy emanations that surround and emanate from the physical body include electrical, light, heat & thermal, sound, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These are scientifically measurable, and they confirm the human body is an energy system. 

The aura is three dimensional and surrounds the physical body in all directions. The shape, size, colour and intensity of the aura indicate specific things about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. The healthier you are physically and spiritually, the stronger the vibration of your aura. The more vitalised the aura is, the more energy and vitality will be available to you. 

The aura interacts with all energies surrounding it, including the auras of the people around you, nature, and even planetary influences. Everyone has their own unique energy system and the way it interacts with the more subtle surroundings will vary from individual to individual.

A weak aura will result in low energy levels, a feeling of not being in control, being manipulated or constant tiredness, and can lead to health problems. The aura is weakened by poor diet, lack of exercise fresh air and rest, stress, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and negative habits

The seven major chakras are areas of greater electromagnetic activity within the auric field. They mediate and distribute all energy within, coming into and going out of the body.

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