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Native American Jewellery
'Each Native Native American Tribe has their own unique style of jewelry making. Although over the years various artists from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo have made jewelry that is not considered a style from their tribe.

The Zuni Indian Jewelry techniques include mosaic, channel inlay, cluster, needlepoint and petit point using a variety of stones and shells.

The Navajo Indian Jewelry Artists are famous for their Squash Blossom Necklaces. Navajo Jewelry Artists use larger pieces of turquoise, coral and other stones surrounded by distinctive scrolls, beads and leaf patterns made of sterling silver. Navajo's are the largest producers of Native American jewelry.

The Hopi Indian Silversmiths use the overlay technique with infrequent use of stones in their jewelry. Making jewelry with the overlay technique involves sawing the design out of one sheet of silver and then overlaying it on a second sheet to which it is then sweated or soldered. The background is oxidized to darken it with the top layer of the jewelry polished.

The Santo Domingo Indians have been making bead jewelry since ancient times. They use Seashells, Turquoise, Jet and Coral in their jewelry. Our featured Santo Domingo Artists are members of the Palace of the Governors program located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are held to strict standards in making their jewelry such as Heishi beads must be cut, drilled and ground by hand. This is a painstaking process: a single necklace may require the fashioning of hundreds of tiny beads.

All of the Native Native American Tribes use Sterling Silver in their jewelry. Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Silver is very soft so copper is added which makes it malleable.

The American Southwest is home to the various Native Native American Tribes that make the most beautiful jewellery
The Navajo Indian Nation is located in the northern portion of Arizona and New Mexico. It is the largest reservation.
The Hopi Indian Reservation is located in Arizona.
The Santo Domingo Pueblo is located in New Mexico.
The Zuni pueblo is located in New Mexico.

Native American Jewellery making skills are taught from one generation to the next. There are also a variety of schools to learn Native American Jewellery making skills. However, families take pride in continuing the traditions of artist excellence and a sense of pride in themselves and their culture'.

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