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Mexican Jewellery

Mexico is famous for producing the finest quality of Jewelry in the world. Most of Mexican Jewelry contains elements of silver. It is believed that one fifth of the entire silver deposit is contained in Mexico. The country is home to the largest silver mines and is home to such cities that are exclusively popular due to its silver craftsman.

Mexican Jewelry and silver are synonymous to each other. The silver is used to enhance the beauty of precious stones and gold pendants. Mexican craftsman are adept in crafting Jewelry that has many forms and textures. The silver used in Mexican jewelry is very pure; therefore it is able to produce immense reflection. Another kind of silver that is used in Mexico contains high deposits of rhodium. The metal makes silver thick and has a darker finish. Such is the density of rhodium that it is known as white gold. Mexican Jewelry, due to a high tendency of silver had been known to tarnish. Now, many manufacturers use a polished compound that reduces the purity to 92.5 percent but greatly enhance the life of Mexican Jewelry.

Mexican Bracelets - We have a great selection of Mexican Bracelets plain silver, silver and gemstone and traditional Mexican.

Mexican Necklaces - Wonderful Mexican Necklaces. You can choose from tribal or silver with gemstone necklaces

Mexican Pendants - Freeform and regular shape Mexican Pendants available ranging from 3gm to 15gm in weight

Mexican Rings - Stunning Mexican Rings in both regular and freeform shapes. 


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