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Larimar is one of the newest know semiprecious gemstone that is being increasingly appreciated for its qualities. Today, a wide variety of  jewellery is available in the form of Larimar necklaces, Larimar pendants, Larimar earrings, Larimar bracelets, Larimar Rings and Larimar Sets. 

The discovery of Larimar dates back to 1974, when a piece of the brilliant blue stone lying on the beach of the Barahona River surprised Miguel Mendez. Miguel, with his experienced eyes was quick to identify what incredible potential the stone had. He followed the course of the river and finally was able to locate the mines, which were so far unknown to the western world. 

The origin of Larimar is a complex volcano in the Dominican Republic where minerals crystallized to form pectolite within the cavities. This volcano is the only source of Larimar in the world and its excavation forces miners to dig down deeper and deeper into the volcano. 

However, Dominicans have been acquainted with the stone since long. This is evident from natives using Larimar in their jewelry, and even as raw pieces as decorative items. One important characteristic of Larimar is its metaphysical properties, which was so long known only by the natives, and now by the world. The blue color of the Larimar stone has deep resemblance with the sea. It gives the wearer strange communication power and the freedom to eradicate self-imposed limitations. Larimar is also associated with the fifth chakra or the throat region of the human body, a special feature that makes it highly appreciated in necklaces and pendants

Larimar Bracelets - We have a great selection of Larimar Bracelets ranging from the very dainty to heavy. 

Larimar Necklaces - Larimar Necklaces are an excellent way of getting the most out of the metaphysical properties of Larimar

Larimar Pendants - Freeform and regular shape Larimar Pendants available ranging from 3gm to 15gm in weight

Larimar Rings - Stunning Larimar Rings in both regular and freeform shapes. Cant find the right size? Try our adjustable rings 

Larimar Earrings - A comprehensive range of Larimar Earrings including studs, leverbacks, danglies, french hook and post fittings

Larimar Sets - Make the most of Larimars beauty with our Larimar Pendant and Earring Sets (including chain)

Natural Larimar Earrings - A range of Natural Larimar Earrings. 

Larimar Specimens - A selection of AAA grade Larimar peices. 


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