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Welcome to Crystal Earth
Here at Crystal Earth you will find Larimar from the Dominican, American Jewellery direct from New Mexico, Black Pearls from Bali and Gemstone Jewellery from India. New sections include Jewellery from Chile Thailand & Mexico
For those interested in the spiritual & metaphysical we have Unique Reiki Healing Stones, Sacred Geometry Pendants, Spiritual Symbol Pendants, Amethyst Geodes and Specimen Crystals. We also have a comprehensive articles archive with subjects ranging from crystal magic to energy

Crystal Earth Cabin
We are pleased to announce the official opening of our Holistic Healing Centre available for therapies, workshops, meetups etc.
The Cabin was officaly opened on the June 21st at our Summer Solstice celebration. For a closer look at the Cabin please follow the link here..........more

New Stock.  Reiki Stones

New Stock. Designer Jewellery

Reiki Stones - Amethyst, Lapis, Angelite, Fluorite, Quartz Rose

Reiki Stones. oval in Rose Quartz, Amethyst Angelite, Fluorite & Lapis.  Symbols are etched in with gold leaf...................more
Our New Section of Designer Jewellery consists of ' One Off' Pendants & Rings with Blue Moonstone, Kyanite ........more




Pendant Sets

larimar necklaces,indian necklaces,bali necklaces,chilean necklaces,mexican necklaces.

indian earrings,larimar earrings,native american earrings,bali earrings

larimar bracelets, indian bracelets,chilean bracelets,bal bracelets

larimar pendant and earring sets with chain, indian pendant and earring sets with chain,native american pendant and earring sets

A comprehensive range of  of Bali, Larimar, Indian, Native American, Chilean, Mexican necklaces..................more
A superb selection of Larimar, Bali, Mexican,  Indian, Native American and Chilean .925 silver earrings.............more
Cuffs, bangles and bracelets from Bali, Dom Rep, India, SW America, Chile and Mexico......................more
Pendant & Earring Sets with chain. Larimar, Indian and heishi bead from SW USA Great value..............more



Designer Pendants

Spiritual Pendant 

larimar rings,indian gemstone rings, native american rings,mexican rings

larimar pendants,indian pendants,bali pendants, native american pendants

fibonacci pendants,sacred geometry pendants

reiki pendants,chakra pendants,rune pendants,yantra pendants

Larimar rings from Dom Rep, gemstones from India, inlaid Native American rings  and silver  from Mexico......more
Great pendant designs from Bali, Dom Rep, India, Native American, USA, Mexico as well as spiritual..........more
Fibonacci sacred geometry pendants.  Unique 'one off' designer pendants superbly crafted.....................more
Spiritual pendants from India. Symbols include Reiki, Runes Chakras & Yantras. Pendants in .925 silver................more



Larimar Slabs


amethyst geodes

crystal specimens

Geodes & slices. A  selection of amethyst caves ranging from 2kilos to 80kilos. Choice of shipping/pickup.........more
Crystal specimens include amethyst druze, AA grade black tourmaline, apopholite,  cactus quartz..............more
We have just taken delivery of some lovely larimar slabs and nuggets. Ideal for meditation &crystalhealing.............more
A great selection of of soap- stone tree of life candle trays and trinket boxes, stone vases and nightlight holders......more

Sky Lanterns

Special Offers

Boxes & Chains


thai sky lanterns

larimar special offers,indian special offers,SW american special offers

Sky lanterns are made from rice paper & bamboo.  Light it and watch as it  soars up into the sky.......................more
Great Special offers updated regularly. Larimar, Silver, SW American, Indian and Thai shell......................more
A choice of presentation boxes and a selection of chains - snake, box, curb as well as specialist Bali chains.....more
We have a comprehensive articles archive with subjects ranging from crystal magic to  energy healing.............more

Larimar...The Gemstone of the Caribbean

Larimar is an extremely rare gemstone that has been found in only one location: a mountainous, relatively inaccessible region of the Dominican Republic. What makes this Larimar Stone even more special is that each piece of jewellery will have a unique personality!

This is because there are no two pieces of stone that will be the same. They are all unique in their own way. 
You can find Larimar Stones with higher blue tones, some with a green tone and most will have a white shade like that of the clouds reflecting on the Caribbean Seas. Its powers are believed to help view events from a different perspective; it softens, enlightens and heals in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way ...........


Our range of larimar jewelry,larimar jewellery includes rings,pendants,bracelets,sets,necklaces. Each peice of larimar jewellery, larimar jewelry, incorporates a unique Caribean larimar stone, bead or gemstone.



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All our Jewellery
is 925 silver and sourced
from its country of origin 
Were here to serve U Reliable, dependable, professional & friendly

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We only use ROYAL MAIL for items up to a Kilo in weight so your order can be tracked and most importantly given first class attention. Items such as Geodes, Crystals, Lanterns etc will be dispatched by DHL or UPS couriers. Our CUSTOMER CARE line is now open from 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday and from 10am - 2pm at the weekends.

All phone calls and e mails are important to us. Any query will be answered no matter how small so just call us on 01727 751573 or email us at sales@crystalearth.co.uk

Please note that the pictures on our web site are a representation of size and design only.
Variations in colour may occur according to settings & screen resolutions. All gemstones are unique differing in patterning, colour and opacity. For more information on individual items please contact us quoting the item number.

Additional Information




Designer Pendants


My sister has just gone into business selling designer pendants. She has been extremely interested in jewellery all of her life and has always gravitated towards the pieces that are one offs. It seems to me to be a completely natural progression for her to open her own business since designer pendants are something she knows a lot about. She has thought of all sorts of ingenious ways to publicise her business and, now, as it is coming up to Christmas she is really reaping the rewards. Last month she had a jewellery party at a friend`s house and the event was really well attended. When we all saw how beautiful and unusual her designer pendants were, we all knew that here was a way to buy a Christmas present that was totally unique. Needless, to say, getting nearer to Christmas, her order book is now nearly full and she is set to make a really good profit in her first few months of trading. She has lots of other designer jewellery as well as pendants on offer and one of the ranges I am really interested in is her men`s jewellery. If I could buy my husband`s present as well I will be a happy woman.



Indian Jewellery


My friend and her husband have just taken a year out to go travelling. They are going to tour India and their plan is to buy Indian jewellery along the way and come back and open their own business selling Indian jewellery in the United Kingdom. Luckily, they have got enough money to fund them on this venture as my friend`s husband was recently made redundant and he got a really good pay off. I think it seems like a wonderful idea for them to do before they get saddled with the responsibilities of children and a mortgage. I also like the idea because it is not just purely hedonistic. They are going travelling with an end purpose and, an end purpose, that, if everything works out as they expect, will make them a lot of money in the future. As we all know, Indian jewellery is very popular in this country but it can be quite expensive. By sourcing the jewellery at cost price I think they have the potential to make a lot of money. I know that they are both very hopeful indeed about their trip and I cannot help but wish them well although I will miss them very much indeed.



Reiki Stones


I have an aunt who has set up her own alternative health practice and she does a lot of what many would call ‘new age treatments`. One of the treatments she offers is Reiki and, surprisingly to me, a lot of people seem to go for this treatment. She uses Reiki stones to perform the treatment and she has had testimonials from all sorts of people who say that the Reiki stones have really worked for them. I am extremely sceptical about these sorts of treatments but I have heard from a lot of different sources that Reiki stones really work. Another treatment she offers is hypnotherapy and, I must say, this is a service I am really tempted to try. I have been trying to give up smoking without success for many years now and I am totally sick of failing at it. Added to that the cost to my health and pocket and I am ready to try anything that might help me to kick the habit. I have booked an appointment with my aunt next week and really hope it works. If it does, who knows? I may even try Reiki next.



Amethyst Geodes


Nature has a way of constantly wowing us with animals, plants and minerals. Just as you think that you have seen it all, something else comes along to totally blow you away. This happened to me recently on a visit to a friend`s house who had just bought a collection of Amethyst Geodes. I`d never heard of such a thing before but was told that the geodes are actually nodules of rock that have cavities which are filled with crystals. These rocks can be split open and when they are, their wonderful interiors are revealed. Apparently people like to display them in their homes and they can be transformed into the most amazing pieces or art. Some people turn the Amethyst Geodes into side tables by placing glass tops upon them. This helps to create a stunning item of furniture that will display well inside a stylish home. I love the look of the Amethyst Geodes because once the crystals have been polished they gleam and shine in an almost magical kind of way. That`s the thing with nature. Just when you think that you have seen it all along comes something that really makes an impact in your mind.



Larimar Jewellery


If you could capture a small section of the Caribbean and keep it forever, you`d jump at the chance wouldn`t you? That`s what plenty of people do each and every year when they purchase items of Larimar Jewellery. Each individual Larimar stone is totally unique even though they all benefit by taking their colour from the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The colour will vary as some stones will favour blue tones whilst others will have hints of green. One thing is certain and that`s every item of jewellery that is made from this stone has magical qualities about it. People that have spiritual beliefs and are interested in well-being already know about the benefits that Larimar can bring into their life. Wearers of the Larimar Jewellery are empowered with balanced mental, emotional and spiritual states. This remarkable mineral is truly magnificent and it is utterly beautiful to feast your eyes upon. Gaze into its hidden depths and you can almost hear the Caribbean Sea washing gently onto a distant beach. It`s possible to capture a piece of natural beauty for yourself by selecting an item from the Larimar Jewellery range. Stunning to look at and with enlightening powers, these unique trinkets are too tasteful to resist.



Spiritual Pendants


When you feel like you body is slightly out of balance, or your spirit is somewhat subdued, you can always try using Spiritual Pendants to help to heighten your senses. For many years items of jewellery have been used within many belief systems to help heal the mind and the body. Today it`s easier than ever to purchase the powerful pendants due the vast amount of suppliers that provide a variety of beautiful pieces. Just ask anyone that has experience of the spiritual items and they will happily tell you that have derived great benefit by wearing their chosen designs. People that are heading down a spiritual path in their lives can gain great comfort from jewellery such as this. You can select different types of Spiritual Pendants and gain benefit from their powers. Opt for a Buddhikari symbol if you need to unlock the creative elements in your life and it can help to enhance your unique abilities. If you have suffered from an illness, or are undergoing rehabilitation at the moment, symbols like Cho-Ku-Rei can be used as it will boost the power of Reiki energy. It`s amazing to see just how the Spiritual Pendants can be of benefit to a host of different people who like to be at one with their body and mind.


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